Guarding Our Minds – Taking Every Thought Captive

Your Mind Could Be A Crime Scene!

Some readers of this blog might also know my wife and I are movie reviewers. One of my other blogs, Frame by Frame: A Family-Friendly Guide to the Movies is very active with weekly movie reviews and other movie news along the way too.

The above graphic is from the poster of the new Christopher Nolan directed Inception movie.

That should tell you that we are movie critics of mainstream, also known as marketplace, movies. But then again, I also firmly believe that in order to truly effect the world, we must take part in what’s known as the marketplace. We are not called to be, as Thomas Merton once wrote, an island unto ourself.

For more on Merton’s thoughts about this see his book
No Man Is An Island.

Frame by Frame – A Family-Friendly Approach

When it comes to movies, since our angle is family-friendly, we don’t really have to screen every new movie that comes along. However, we do try to screen every G, PG and PG-13 rated movie. We’re always asking the question – “Is this movie family-friendly” – As for R rated movies, while we don’t screen many, from to time to time, we do screen them if they interest us, or if they’re getting a lot of push toward a younger audience. It really is a fine line we walk as believers on this journey through life and movie critics trying to make sure our reviews aren’t skewed just because of our belief system.

As you can well imagine, over the past few years we’ve seen a lot of movies. Through all of the screenings there have really been three movies that have stuck with me. While they were “good movies” when it comes to production aspects, some of the messages or images stuck with me.

In other words…some scenes have ‘invaded’ my dreams.

The flicks falling into that category include…

  • I Am Legend – While I do not have a written review of the movie on Frame by Frame, I will say this, Will Smith was incredible in this remake of the old classic movie. While it was well done, there are some scenes, one in particular, that stuck with me. It took quite some time to get the image out of my mind.
  • The Watchmen – While this movie was Rated R I knew we couldn’t ignore it because of all the hype surrounding the movie. So, I went and screened it. Again, it was well done, but some of the violence was very graphic and did stick with me. In order to finally get it out of my head, I just had to buckle down and write the review. Once the review was written, the images stopped invading my dreams.

Just this year, a third movie has been added to the list of movies that invaded my dreams for a time. Of course the movie was also one about dreams…

  • Inception – It held the #1 Box Office spot for three weeks and again, it is well done. However, the premise of the movie revolves around the whole idea of invading the dreams of people to manipulate them. Of course it’s somewhat based on fact knowing that we are most vulnerable when we are sleeping. As a result, this movie did indeed invade my dreams for a few days after screening it.

Calming ‘Night Terrors’

As we journey through this thing we call life, it is true that we are most vulnerable when we sleep. That’s why it’s so important to have people praying for you if you undergo surgery where you’re put under. The mind is a powerful thing and we do not use much of our mind. But, our mind, especially our dreams, can be invaded by the enemy who looks to bring ‘terror’ into our life. As a result, even though we enjoyed Inception we will not buy it for our DVD collection.

It did invade our dreams for a short time.

Some people think movies are nothing more than mindless entertainment. While it’s true, some movies are great for a shear entertainment value. But, when they cross over into areas of the spiritual realm, we fellow¬†sojourners¬†need to exercise caution.

Of course as a believer we also walk a fine line when it comes to movies.

Some believe we are totally out of line when it comes to being movie critics, while others see absolutely nothing wrong with viewing any and all movies. However, reality is, we must always seek to find that balance. While we often say on our Frame by Frame blog we are not movie cops, I would hedge a little more on that comment here on this Fellow Sojourners blog. We are making our way through life and I would like to think along the way I’ve picked up and learned a thing or two when it comes to warning others about what to see and what not to see.

When it comes to Inception, while it is a “big” scenery movie, exercise caution if you see it. While it’s described as a sci-fi thriller, it also touches on areas about the mind we must be aware of. We are supposed to take “every thought captive to Christ Jesus”. When we do that, we keep the enemy out from invading our mind and most importantly, our dreams.

A Fellow Sojourner,
Dr. Rus